Your Benefits

Calvin's 10 unique PROMISES

1 One-to-one means you get individual attention 

2. Spread out over 4x classes over 2 weeks of 12 hours training in total

3. Videos and CorelDraw Manual for back-up learning at NO extra cost. 

4. The CorelDraw programme included at NO extra cost 

5. Ideal venue: (Northern suburbs off the N1) presented at a school (Tygerberg Art school)

6. Flexible training schedule: Can change the dates and times to suit you.

7. Training since 1995: Confirming my experience & expert knowledge.

8. Certificate: Presented on attendance of all 4 classes.

9. Quality, Professional and Reliable Training: Providing a great learning experience 

10. Best value for money

One-to-One expert training

“Learn Photoshop CC and market your business with confidence”
Calvin Dorman

Calvin Offers many more Specialist software Courses as well

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