Calvin's one-to-one training also
includes ... FREE 30-day trial CD of Photoshop-CC and a FREE Video DVD of Practical Examples to follow step-by-step.

The following Course Content highlights the outline of tools, features and commands covered in Calvin's Course for Beginners:

1.The PhotoShop-CC interface LAYER panel andToolbox

2. Understanding and working with the selection/marquee tool

Rotating selections (transform)
Adding/subtracting selections
Invert selection

Understanding FILTERS
Saturation filter
Blur filter
Colour levels

3.Creating and understanding LAYERS

Creating new layers and
Moving between layers
Using filters and colour fills on a selected layer

Working with the TOOLBOX:

selection tools
Magic wand tool
Crop tool
Foreground / background fills

4.Creating OUTLINES (strokes) and DROP SHADOWS

All you must know about FILE FORMATS

Knowing what format to use for printing versus e-mailing
How and when to change a file's format
How file formats affects image quality
Working with images from a digital camera

Using the BRUSH TOOL

Setting types of brushes
Sizing brushes
Brushing to create a painted effect

Erasing a selected blur layer
To create a sense of motion

To select around the edges of objects
To give the effect of objects popping out of a photo
To cut away backgrounds

Working with COLOUR
Creating monochrome colour
One-tone colours (sepia colour)
Colour levels

Pasting a photo into a selectio:
The "window" effect

Creating a silhouette effect to objects
eg. people, animals

Creating Photoshop LAYOUT templates

Combining different photo elements into one Composite image

Retouching photos
---working with the healing tool
---working with the clone tool
---removing objects within the picture

Merging photos
Using lens flare

--- understanding and working with BITMAPS
--- what ppi / dpi to use
--- how does it affect picture sharpness / detail
--- resolution and file size considerations

Creating and working with SHAPES
--- creating an object with the shape toolbox
--- creating freehand objects
--- moving shapes between layers automatically
--- merging layers
--- creating lines with the pencil tool

Creating PERSPECTIVE effectsWorking with theGRADIENT TOOL
---reflection on glass effect
---transparency effect
---creating a gradient of different colours

Understanding the QUICK SELECTION TOOL
--- combining images in a layout
--- refining edges
--- adding gradient filters
--- resolution and file size considerations

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*4 classes, over 2 weeks
*Total: 12 hours training
*Best offer - value for money
*Flexible Training Schedule -
dates and time to suit you
* Ideal venue: (Northern suburbs)
Tygerberg Art school-
*Training by Calvin since 1995
*On-Site training also available
on request

I specialize in giving anybody (young and old) ONE-TO-ONE Adobe Photoshop CC training in the Northern suburbs of
Cape Town, South Africa.